TBA Power, Inc.

TBA Power, Inc.

Renewable Energy Storage (RESTOR) Services

The projected doubling of world energy consumption within the next few decades, coupled with the growing demand for low emission sources of energy to protect the environment, creates an urgent need for efficient, clean, and renewable energy sources. Electricity generated from clean renewable sources, such as solar or wind, offer great promise for meeting these future energy and environmental demands. However, the efficient use of electricity generated from these intermittent, geographically-restricted sources requires efficient and economical electrical energy storage solutions. Electricity storage is the Achilles' heel of renewable energy. Solving the massive storage impediment for solar and wind energy would be transformative and have a significant impact on global warming and on reducing U.S. dependence on foreign imports, and fossil fuels.

TBA Power has a Patent Pending in regards to Renewable Energy Storage (RESTOR). Academic, governmental and industry entities interested in evaluating common interest and possible cooperation in this topic are encouraged to contact TBA Power for more information that can be exchanged after a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement has been concluded.

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