GeothermieZentrumBochum e.V.  (GZB)

GeothermieZentrumBochum e.V. (GZB)

Research Association Geothermal Energy Services

The research association geothermal energy is a joint initiative of public administration, science and economy in NRW. The association has it’s aim in a geothermal energy supply of large concept areas subject to a varying heat and cooling requirements. Thereby the complex contexts of mayor geothermal projects should be ascertained, simplified and on the basis of communal operation guidelines documented in regard to scheduling technique and administrable legislation.

In this case the concerns of urban development in

  • scheduling-,
  • building-,
  • environmental-
  • and mining law

should be coordinated.

At the same time the multifaceted scheduling aspects of architecture, geosciences, supply- and building services- engineering, drilling techniques and technical construction have to be combined. In the urban agglomeration “Ruhrgebiet” warm mine water und sub surfaced infrastructures of former mineral coal mining should be integrated in urban development projects.

At first the higher investment costs of a geothermal energy plant compared to conventional heating can’t be marked for many building-owners within the scope of their construction loan and second poses an unknown terrain for energy-suppliers. Because of this the routing-projects should point out a way into a large technical and economical usage of geothermal heat.

To transact those aims the research association geothermal energy lead managed by the GeothermalCenter initialized the urban-development supply-project “Geothermie 2010”.

Up to the year 2010 not less than 10 urban-development routing-projects in NRW the feasibility of geothermal-supply should be surveyed in aspects of

  • communal scheduling-processes
  • technical feasibility
  • and economical feasibility.

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