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Seasonal Planning


How you plan to distribute your scarce energy resources over seasons and years may have direct impact on your company’s economic growth and revenues. A hydropower-based system is directly affected by seasonal and yearly variations. Available resources and prices in the markets are heavily dependent on weather conditions and how other participants manage their resources. A cold winter may bring high prices, but if the winter is dry, the impact may result in even higher prices in the spring. A dry summer may bring high prices in the ancillary services markets, whereas a sudden shift to rainy weather sends the prices down. These shifting conditions and uncertainties require sophisticated decision support.

The Seasonal Planning package helps you to: - Make seasonal and long-term plans. - Forecast market prices. - Calculate optimal distribution of your production resources.


  • Forecast the market price up to 5 years ahead
  • Calculate optimal seasonal production distribution
  • Calculate current value of the energy resources
  • Calculate economic water values
  • Calculate expected reservoir levels over seasons
  • Get optimal planned outage of the assets
  • Calculate historical inflow and current resource storage
  • Make what-if scenario analysis of future production
  • Forecast inflow
  • Register and model availability and restrictions

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