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System Resilience: Renewable energy systems are particularily suited for resilience improvement works where they can be integrated into essential distribution systems as the alternate input. They can maintain the batteries of UPS backed systems at the same time as generating ROCs giving year on year savings in both energy and trading products. By integrating the structural mass / architecture / site resources with the systems, sustainable measures can; increase reliability, add value, lower costs, provide income.


The fuels for transportation are increasingly under pressure and security of supply issues are becoming paramount.

There are an increasing number of applications where renewable energy and sustainable fuels can be effectively implemented. Reductions to congestion charges / licence fees / self reliance /protection against cost increases. The introduction of the renewable transport fuel obligation is due this year and we are already specifying and using 5% ethanol blends in our cars.

The following applications using renewable energy systems are economically viable now. The electrolysis of water into hydrogen using excess electricity from turbines, The fermentation and distillation of vegetable matter into ethanol using low grade heat, The generation of biogass from wood waste products.

Electric motors and in particular vehicles using lightwieght high power brushless DC motors and bicycle components are witnessing a surge of interest.

We have experimented with these technologies on a micro scale and are trying to develop more compact units for the future.

From rural broadband cells, mobile telephone and WIFI communications systems we integrate Street Furniture / Information kiosks / bus stops even are all excellent applications for renewable energy installations.If a mast or post or column is to be installed other equipment can be mounted increasing the value of the street lighting column. We work hard to minimise the cost of solutions by adding value whenever we can.

The economics and life cycles are excellent with the added value of no disruption to the existing buried services in the road or pavement. Our micro integrated systems can give much greater independence in space planning and eleviate the wayleave issues at the same time as being sustainable. Furthermore if you have any security applications we can provide lamp post and building mounting kits complete with wireless comms links.

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