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Service & Maintenance of Small Hydro Turbines


Nothing is more angrily than a break downed plant and nobody who can repair is achievable or the waiting periods for the repair of the plant are much too long.

Therefore, WWS Wasserkraft have for the case of the cases offers five essential service options:

  • The WWS Wasserkraft servicing contract which guarantees high investment availability and protects calculable maintenance costs and an optimum value preservation of the hydro power station.
  • When required a turbine service is carried out with you who reaches from control the bearings, control the sealings, check the runner and the hydraulics up to servicing of the belt, the gear box etc.
  • The professional Telefon-Support which guarantees the first analysis of the disturbance of the plant or in most cases it can be repaired by telephone instructions easily.
  • It is also able to repair the plant by the distant supervision and the remote control or to carry out a comprehensive disturbance analysis.
  • Within 72h according to the analysis of the disturbance a service engineer travel to the plant and begin with reparation.

Our service specialists with high technical knowledge guarantee a trouble-free work proceeding by any disturbance.

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