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Exergy produces ORC modules for heat and power production with the innovative radial outflow turbine: a new technology for effective power plants. When innovation comes, efficiency grows, but experience must take the lead: thanks to our exclusive machinery and our valued staff, with a 30-year history in turbine maintenance, we develop and supply unique solutions to secure the O&M of our ORC modules.

To support our customer activities and to extend Exergy ORC modules life, we offer multiple solutions:

SM - Standard maintenance
With the SM - Standard maintenance option we will schedule with you a complete ordinary maintenance program that helps you increasing working hours and power production. If anything happens we will assist you by remote checking the status your ORC machine: major problem? The after sales service team is coming to your plant!

PM - Predictive maintenance
You can increase your security choosing the option PM - Predictive maintenance: our expert staff will be pleased to check your units when we see decreasing performance of the components and, if required, replace wear parts like bearings and sealing. Fluid level is going down? We refill it!

MCGE - Main components guarantee extension
Furthermore for the special items produced by Exergy, meaning non-commercial components (turbine, mechanical coupling shaft…) we offer a guarantee extension - MCGE - consisting in the replacement of those elements if found defective or worn.

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