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Our experience and expertise allows us to provide services featuring high quality standards, a team of employees with different skills and competencies, offering vertical service integration to a highly diversified customer base: Industrial facilities, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power stations, small hydro power plants, cogeneration, wind power stations, substations, transformer stations.

  • AC and DC Motors
  • MV Motors
  • Alternators
  • Turbines up to 10 MW
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Transformer Stations
  • Power Transformers
  • MV and HV Circuit Breakers
  • MV and HV Disconnectors
  • MV Switches
  • LV/MV Switchboards
  • Wind Power Station Generators

  • New Transformer Commissioning
  • Transformer Repairing Service (on-site and in-Factory)
  • Transformer Upgrading Service (on-site and in-Factory)
  • Servicing/Maintenance of Load Regulators (on-site and in-Factory)
  • Transformer Maintenance Management at facilities (multi-annual contracts)
  • On-Site Diagnostic Testing
  • Design/installation of monitoring systems

  • New Equipment Commissioning
  • Maintenance of HV Switchgear
  • HV Switchgear Repairing Service
  • Reconditioning of circuit breakers and disconnectors
  • Adaptation/Refurbishing of HV Facilities
  • Diagnostic testing to condition of circuit breakers and disconnectors

  • New Equipment Commissioning
  • Maintenance of MV Equipment (including PTs)
  • Application /Installation of Safety Systems
  • Adaptation/Refurbishing of MV Facilities

  • Repair/Maintenance of LV and MV Electric Motors
  • Repair/Maintenance of industrial ventilators
  • Mechanical Repair to Electropump Groups
  • Project, Installation and Testing of Wound Rotor Motor Starters
  • Repair/Maintenance of Alternators
  • Repair/Maintenance of Turbines (up to 10 MW)
  • Design/Installation of Voltage Regulators

  • Assembly of partial discharge measuring systems
  • Manufacturing of Motor Coils in a ResinRich system
  • Repair/Maintenance of Distribution Transformers
  • Maintenance of Transformer Substations
  • Dielectric Oil Treatment
  • Measurement of Protection and Service Earth Resistivity
  • Electrical Testing On-Site and in Lab
  • Vibration Testing and Analysis
  • Evaluation Test of the Winding Insulation Condition of Rotary Machines (EDA III)
  • Thermography Tests

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