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Rudolph/Libbe can boost the efficiency of your system by as much as 30%. Compared to a typical 1 mega-watt solar array, our system will generate up to $1 million dollars more power during its lifecycle.

As a leader in solar array technology and installation, Rudolph/Libbe will design your system to optimize its efficiency, allowing you to get more power from your investment. That means BIG energy savings for many years to come. We can also determine the best project size for your application by generating financial models that incorporate all available government programs and incentives.

By partnering with the industry's leading providers of photo-voltaic panels, inverters and related equipment, Rudolph/Libbe can deliver unmatched efficiency at the lowest total project cost. We can even offer solutions with zero out-of-pocket costs. Provided below is a rapidly growing list of successful projects for some of the nation's most forward-thinking companies and institutions.

Army National Guard (ANG) / Toledo Readiness - Toledo, OH

  • 81 kW crystalline photovoltaic field
  • Custom controls / monitoring system
  • Evergreen crystalline ground-mount array

Bryan Municipal Utilities - Bryan, OH

  • 2 MW thin-film photovoltaic field

First Solar - Perrysburg, OH

  • 2.4 MW rooftop solar array / thin film CD / TE panels
  • Largest rooftop array east of Mississippi River
  • Ballast CD roof rack system installed over membrane roof of R&D facility

Maumee Valley Country Day School - Toledo, OH

  • Thin film CD / TE panels Custom built roof rack system

Ohio Air National Guard (OANG) / 180th Fighter Wing - Swanton, OH

  • 282 kW thin-film photovoltaic field - Phase 3
  • 399 kW thin-film photovoltaic field - Phase 4
  • 294 kW thin-film photovoltaic field - Phase 5
  • Total 1.575 MW of ground-mount array
  • R/L has been maintaining the field since 2007
  • 1000-volt DC distributed architecture system - first of it's kind utility scale inverters
  • Custom built monitoring and controls system
  • Research & development for the United States Air Force

Ohio Air National Guard / Camp Perry - Port Clinton, OH

  • 538 kW solar array - Phases 1 & 2
  • Cutting edge ground mount rack system
  • Thin-film CIGS panels
  • Ongoing System Maintenance

Sunforest Medical Office Building - Toledo, OH

  • Roof-mounted solar collector
  • Hot water collection system

Toledo Zoo Solar Walk - Toledo, OH

  • 100 kW solar walkway at the Toledo Zoo
  • Thin-film panels installed on a custom-made educational art structure
  • Iconic design features unique to the Toledo Zoo
  • 1,400 LF walk with interpretive signs along the way
  • Custom educational web link that can be accessed by anyone

Westwood Solar - Toledo, OH

  • 2.1 MW solar array on 12-acres
  • Thin-film ground mount array

Xunlight - Ohio Air National Guard (OANG) - Toledo, OH

  • 20 kW rooftop solar array
  • Flexible thin-film installed on flat membrane roof


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