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Solar Photovoltaics Solutions



Utilize innovative power system technology that can increase productivity and reduce costs. To compete in today’s energy market, photovoltaic (PV) fabrication enterprises require solar PV manufacturing equipment that increases productivity and reduces costs. Advanced Energy is a major supplier of power systems for solar PV manufacturing. We offer economic and quality advantages via innovative power system technology. We’re dedicated to your mission of deploying sustainable energy production around the world.

Solar PV manufacturers face significant economic pressure and time-to-market requirements. The race to meet increasing global demand for renewable energy continues. Fossil fuels present a highly competitive challenge in terms of cost. Increasing machine efficiency and throughput is critical. This drives demands on power systems that are crucial factors in the manufacturing processes.

Differentiate your coatings in a crowded market. With comprehensive, high-performing power supplies, decades of expertise, and a vast network of support sites across the globe, Advanced Energy’s technology can improve your economics and manufacturing capabilities. With precision performance and control that provides reliable, stable process power, you can develop durable coatings and customizable film properties. Our solutions offer the reliability and quality you need to cost-effectively produce crystalline and thin-film silicon PV, as well as advanced anti-reflective coatings that meet legacy and evolving market needs

  • Reduced downtime through higher reliability
  • Increased yields with stable processes
  • Optimized PV efficiency and improved layer performance
  • Product availability to cope with dramatic production ramps
  • Support from worldwide engineering and service organizations

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