Sun Light and Power, Inc.

Sun Light and Power, Inc.

Solar Service and Maintenance

At Sun Light & Power, we understand that your solar energy system installation represents a significant investment. So when you purchase a solar electrical (photovoltaic/PV) system from us, you can be confident that you’re receiving a premier system, an efficient design, a professional installation, a 10-year warranty on quality service and follow-up service calls, all from an industry leader.

A Premier Product With Maximum Efficiency

Sun Light & Power chooses only premier, high quality solar energy equipment made from the most efficient, most durable materials. In fact, we have designed and installed hundreds of systems over the past three decades to address the energy needs of homeowners, businesses, contractors, and architects throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Professional Installation For System Perfection

We believe that there is no cookie-cutter method of installation because every roof and every customer is different. To achieve the most aesthetically and efficiently desirable system, our Design and Engineer teams work in direct contact with our customers, the Project Managers and Foremen or Forewomen to ensure system perfection. Our work crews are adept, precise and efficient when it comes to the actual installation.

A 10-Year Warranty On Quality Service

Our 10-year warranty provides a decade of full-coverage on all parts, labor, and service on top of the manufacturer’s warranty on the solar electrical modules themselves. We have a long-term commitment to our customers and the systems we install, so we maintain an excellent service team that will attend to your solar needs if they should ever arise.

Service With A Rapid Response

With Sun Light & Power, you can expect a prompt response to any issues or questions about your solar energy system array. We make it a point to visit and diagnose a system’s problem within a 48-hour window of initial recognition. Our dedicated service team, led by solar veteran Patrick Ward-Seitz, operates under the ‘do it right the first time’standard.

A 15-Year Follow-Up Service Call

Generally, a service call can be necessary around year 15 after installation. Your panels will still be running at +90% efficiency; however it’s typically a good practice to examine the performance of the inverter. But with minimal maintenance—such as occasionally hosing the dust off of your panels—you can expect them to generate thousands of kilowatt-hours of totally renewable energy while keeping tons of carbon out of the atmosphere.

We’ve Always Offered The Highest Possible Level of Service

At Sun Light & Power, we've always maintained a truly personal approach towards our customers and pride ourselves on providing the highest possible level of customer service. To that end, in a world filled with throw-aways, disposables, and products that have a woefully short life expectancy before they are obsolete, we’re proud to stand behind our products with a Service Warranty that extends for 10 years on parts and service for both our Solar Water Heating and Solar Thermal Systems.

Annual Maintenance Checks for Solar Water Heating Systems

Our unique Solar Water Heating Service Agreement provides annual preventative maintenance checks to ensure that your system is working properly. Additionally, we’re proud to provide service to solar water heating systems, even if we didn’t do the original installation.

Solar Thermal Systems Provide Great ROI

Solar water heating systems (solar thermal) are truly an exception to the customary planned obsolescence cycle. With minimal periodic maintenance covered by our Service Warranty during the first 10 years, they can reliably be expected to provide for your hot water needs for at least 30 years. The return on investment is surprisingly quick and continues to pay for itself many times over. Solar Thermal systems also add to the life of your water heater by reducing its workload.

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