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SolarRating Online


Our Commitment to Solar Education An interactive web based service, SolarRating Online allows North American homeowners to enter their street address and respond to questions about roof slope, orientation and shading at their home. After this information has been assessed, SolarRating Online determines a homes' suitability to solar technologies for either heating domestic hot water or generating electricity. The home is given a color-coded rating; a first step in understanding how solar energy technologies might be used to reduce the use of existing energy technologies.


Agencies and others interested in solar education are welcome to place a SolarRating Online link on their website. Options for licensed co-branding of SolarRating Online are possible (with certain restrictions). Please contact us for more information. The images in the center of this page are hyperlinked directly to SolarRating Online.

Please note we do not contact SolarRating Online users other than to respond to their direct questions about the service. Residential installation requests and other inquiries are referred to a local Better Business Bureau or industry association for a listing of reputable solar installations firms.

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