Sreem Serba Turbines Pvt. Ltd. (SST)

Sreem Serba Turbines Pvt. Ltd. (SST)

- Comprehensive Expertise Services


SST offers a wide range of services that encompass the complete gamut of Captive & Co-generation operations. Backed by years of experience, the Company’s comprehensive expertise includes :

Engineering Improvement

  • Renovation & efficiency improvement. 
  • Turbine efficiency study and improvement solutions. 
  • RLA studies of Rotors, Blades, Nozzles, Casings and other critical components.
  •  Replacement of critical components. 
  • Metallurgical and design improvements.
  • Change of Governing systems. Ex : Mechanical / Hydraulic to Electronic systems.
  • Up-rating power capacity.
  • Replacements of Steam Turbines on the existing foundation.
  • Change of Condensing System, Electrical systems etc.
  • Improvements in operations & maintenance procedures.
  • Improvements in start-up systems and procedures.
  • Redesign of the turbine flow path. 
  • New blading design.
  •  Optimization to the new defined input parameters.
  •  Increase or decrease of extraction or back pressure. 
  • Increase or decrease of steam quantity to bleed or extraction.
Repair & Replacement
  • Blades replacement. 
  • Repair and replacement of bladed rotors. 
  • Repair & supply of bearings.
  •  Replacement of sealing systems and providing better engineering solutions. 
  • Resolution of poor vacuum problems. 
  • Generator - Rotor and Stator repair and rewinds.
Service & Supply of Spares
  • Overhauling. 
  • Troubleshooting and resolution.
  •  Supply all types of spares by reverse engineering or from customer’s documents.

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