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Why do you need a steam boiler treatment? Without effective water purity treatment, your steam boiler for industrial processes can suffer from: Corrosion – ferrous & non-ferrous decomposition, Scale Formulation – deposition of calcium & magnesium salts, Steam Carryover – solids carryover with the steam, Condensate Treatment – corrosion of condensate lines. These four key factors reduce efficiency, put your system at risk, shorten plant life, and waste energy, chemicals and water charges. It’s a well-known fact that poor control of a steam boiler can not only put your processes at risk, but can also squander £1,000s in wasted energy, chemicals and water charges.

To achieve efficient operation of a steam boiler system, there are three other areas to consider:

  • External treatment (softener, dearation, reverse osmosis),
  • Internal treatment (phosphates, alkalinity builders, oxygen scavengers)
  • Condensate treatments (neutral & filming amines)

Welcome to the AWT solution

At Advanced Water Technologies, we have developed a comprehensive steam boiler system treatment programme for effective management, improved performance and to keep your system operating safely and efficiently. These services include:

  • System changes
  • Chemical supply
  • Site specific programmes and service schedules
  • External treatment plant
  • Inspection services

And because we are compliant with the latest legislation and regulations, particularly in the areas of health, safety and the environment, you can be sure that the solution we deliver will be high quality, reliable, cost effective and tailored to meet your exact requirements.

  • Chemicals we use in our steam boiler treatment
  • Phosphate/polymer dispersant
  • Blended alkaline solution
  • Tannin based oxygen scavenger
  • Sulphite based oxygen scavenger
  • Condensate line treatments
  • Unique one pack complete programme
  • Water softener resin cleaner

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