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Energy sub metering provides a real time ongoing energy audit so you can identify and address issues as and when they arise by sub metering all the main energy end uses (such as lighting, cooling and heating systems) and having the real time data available over a standard web browser. This allows you to interrogate the data and where, for example, you receive a message that the total energy use has risen on a particular day, you can investigate what happened at each sub meter and determine where this increase occurred. A typical example is a contractor changing set points or failing to re set equipment. Each time this happens energy usage creeps up and over time a new and higher baseload is accepted as ‘normal’.

Another great use of sub metering is to identify where loads are running unnecessarily, such as during the night, as a result of faulty time clocks or clocks not adjusted for daylight saving.

By storing the information in the cloud, for example, you have valuable information which will be of immense value for future energy management.

With the imminent introduction of NABERS to New Zealand (a national energy rating tool which assesses actual energy use in existing buildings) which gives a whole building, the base build and/or a tenancy, a star rating (based on kWh/m2) which will enable tenants to select the more efficient buildings, sub metering is becoming an ever more powerful tool in managing energy waste and creep.

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