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AES' utilities deliver reliable and affordable electricity to approximately 11 million customers in 4 markets worldwide. AES has 9 distribution companies powering major cities, from São Paulo to Indianapolis to Douala. We have expanded electricity access to first-time customers in Brazil, Cameroon and El Salvador, and we seek to modernize distribution networks to transmit power and heat efficiently and safely in markets around the world.

AES Utilities Quick Facts

  • Nine distribution companies around the world
  • More than 11 million customers
  • 93,396 GWh of energy sold
  • Fuels: biomass, diesel, coal, gas, hydro and oil
  • Total generation: 8,235 MW

AES Utilities Highlights

  • Brazil: AES Eletropaulo is the largest electric utility in Latin America serving more than 6 million customers.
  • Cameroon: Our integrated utility AES Sonel is the fifth largest company in the country.
  • Dominican Republic: AES is the largest privately-owned generator and owns the country's only port that receives liquefied natural gas (LNG).
  • El Salvador: AES distributes electricity to 80 percent of the country.
  • United States: IPL, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one of the area's leading employers.

Ensuring Reliability

Guaranteeing a steady supply of electricity at any given time requires that our businesses employ modern technologies for power delivery and monitoring system reliability. Reliability is tracked by average number and duration of system interruptions per customer, weighted based on ownership adjusted EBITDA.

System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) represents the average number of interruptions the average customer experiences annually. System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) represents the total minutes of interruption the average customer experiences annually.

Our distribution businesses have made system upgrades to improve power delivery and, as a result, overall customer interruptions and reliability continue on favorable trends. However, in 2012 we experienced an increase at two of our businesses. The increase experienced at IPL was in large part due to a significant weather event phenomenon called a 'derecho' which left millions of customers without power in an area stretching from the Upper Midwest into the Mid-Atlantic during the month of June. AES Sonel's higher SAIDI and SAIFI in comparison to other businesses are mainly due to longer collection periods and higher bad debt.

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