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Utility-Scale Generation Services


The promise of solar has never been more attainable on a global scale. First Solar’s PV power plants are connecting to electricity grids across the world, helping to meet growing energy needs and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Reduce fuel imports and promote energy security
  • Diversify the energy portfolio and reduce the risk of fuel-price volatility
  • Provide peaking generation and faster time-to-power
  • Enhance grid reliability and stability with advanced PV plant controls
  • Manage PV variability through accurate forecasting
  • Provide predictable and bankable energy with low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)

Sources: Coal and Nuclear: Bloomberg New Energy Finance LCOE Update: Q2 2013; Gas Combined Cycle, Gas Peaking, and Diesel: Lazard LCOE Sensitivity Analysis  June 2013; First Solar: Internal data. (a) Does not include cost of carbon capture. (b) NG = natural gas. LNG = liquefied natural gas. Data assumes natural gas prices of $10 in Northern Europe and $18 in Japan  (all in US$ per MMBTU).  (c) Assumes diesel prices of $3.00 for India, $4.30 for Australia, and $7.00 for Northern Europe (all in US$ per gallon).  Diesel assumes a high end capacity factor of 30% representing intermittent utilization and low end capacity factor of 95% representing base load utilization, O&M cost of $15 per KW/year, heat rate of 10,000 BTU/KWh and total capital costs of $500-$800 per KW of capacity.

LCOE is a holistic view of the total cost of ownership over the plant’s life and includes factors such as development, financing, and maintenance costs in addition to the cost of the power plant.

Solar energy has a meaningful value proposition. With fixed pricing, extremely low operations costs, and no fuel price volatility, our power plants diversify the energy portfolio while providing reliable and cost competitive solar energy.

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