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Waste to Energy Consulting Services


Sterner Consulting has been appointed by Zero Waste Energy (ZWE) as an industry expert to help customers around the world to implement the ZWE integrated systems and technologies. As an Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative, Sterner Consulting can help you Get Powered by Zero Waste Energy (ZWE). The technology that ZWE employs to benefit clients by converting waste to energy is referred to as Dry Anaerobic Digestion (details below).

Zero Waste Energy can bring your plans for advanced solid waste recovery and green energy to a reality. Together, our team is dedicated to providing sustainable and flexible solutions for your waste processing needs. With our extensive waste industry experience and world class technologies, we can take your waste management project to the next level by providing optimal energy recovery. The innovative mixed solid waste processing and patented anaerobic digestion systems will convert organic waste that is normally disposed of into valuable renewable energy and clean compost, closing the loop on your waste processing vision.

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