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Wind has established itself as an economically viable, mature technology and a reliable form of renewable energy. The costs per unit power installed are amongst the lowest of all power sources. The technology has advanced to the point that 2 MW wind turbines are normative and 5-10 MW turbines are being designed for offshore wind farms.

Knight Piésold leads wind energy projects from conception to completion, evaluating wind energy resources and carrying out all permitting, modeling, geotechnical and interconnection studies, and financial analyses. Furthermore, we can manage construction and supervise commissioning. We offer due diligence reviews for all aspects of the project design, and perform evaluations of the wind power plant once operational.

The Knight Piésold renewable energy team has developed particular expertise in the concept of wind-hydro, where we combine the modulation and storage capabilities of a water reservoir with a wind power plant. Coordinated operation of multiple wind projects can also result in reduced renewable source generation interruptions, and when integrated with hydropower and thermal power operations, can reduce fuel used. A wind-hydro storage solution can provide dispatchable power from clean sources.

Our engineers and scientists are also experts in wind-diesel power systems. This option consists of a combination of diesel and wind power, and applies to those communities that have already invested in electricity generated from diesel. The ability to reduce fuel usage can be a significant community or mine savings.

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