Wind Resource and Solar Resource Assessment Services


ORTECH’s 40 year experience in atmospheric sciences combined with state-of-the-art modelling and analysis provide dependable results. Accurate energy yield calculations start with careful wind data collection and in-depth meteorological analysis. Combining our knowledge of wind resource assessment with our experience in site development and project finance provides unique insight into projects relying on wind resources.

  • Towers, Sodar & Data Collection
  • Wind Speed & Energy Modelling
  • Wind Farm Layout
  • Noise  Analysis
  • Energy Yield Probability (P50 – P90)
  • Wind Turbine Selection ($/MWh)
  • Warranty Performance Analysis
  • Operational Variance Analysis
  • Measure-Correlate-Predict (MCP)
  • Loss and Uncertainty Analysis

ORTECH can develop ground up solar resource assessment for input into the financial model. This will be completed in conjunction with the project design in order to advise the optimum selection of equipment, fixed or tracking racking systems for example. The resource assessment will use site specific solar resource information triangulated from nearby reference stations.

ORTECH utilized two industry standard software packages in order to estimate the solar resource at the Project site, Meteonorm and PVSyst. In combination, these tools provide a high quality estimate of the potential output of a solar array. The site specific weather data is then input to PVSyst, the software package that is used to estimate the potential energy generation from the solar farm. 

Report Delivery:
The report will outline the following:

  1. General Project Description;
  2. Predicted Monthly Energy Output,
  3. 30 Year Cumulative Energy Output,
  4. Interpolated Radiation and Temperature Data Set,
  5. Array Geometry,
  6. Inverter Output Distribution,
  7. Module Mismatch Losses,
  8. PVSYST Model Input / Output, and
  9. Results/Conclusions and Uncertainties.

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