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Athena by Stem helps building operators and energy managers lower costs by shifting energy use away from the most expensive times. Buy electricity when it’s affordable, use it later when it’s suddenly more expensive. Save thousands without any disruption to operations, staff time, or upfront capital.

Athena removes the complexities of managing time-based costs. She gives you the flexibility to buy energy at the most cost-effective times. Even with the ability to store energy, there are still thousands of calculations, forecasting simulations, and split-second decisions required to produce meaningful results.

People alone can't manage all of this, but artificial intelligence can. Our customers save between 10 to 25 percent off electricity bills without lifting a finger.

Athena: The brains behind the battery

A battery is only as valuable as the platform that operates it. Stem is the first to use artificial intelligence to learn, predict and optimize energy in real-time. Athena™ collects data at a rate of 400 megabytes per minute to continually fine-tune its algorithms. Athena has learned from operating systems for over 5 million hours, from processing nearly 200 million data intervals, and from running over 35 million project simulations.

The world’s largest energy storage network

Organizations of all types – from Fortune 500 companies to public institutions to commercial real estate firms – are employing Stem’s AI-powered energy storage. Stem’s network of 800+ storage devices creates virtual power plants that support more reliable, sustainable electricity supply. Stem has more utility partnerships and more systems operating than any other provider. Stem has experience interconnecting with 8 utilities and permitting systems in over 75 different municipalities.

Industry-leading storage hardware

Stem uses UL-certified energy storage systems from the highest quality Tier 1 suppliers such as Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Chem. They have been thoroughly vetted and tested for safety and performance by independent third parties. Stem’s systems are available in multiple sizing configurations, indoor or outdoor, to match customers’ individual energy needs and building footprint.

Customer-friendly subscription model

Start saving immediately and let us do everything else. With Stem’s energy services agreement, customers receive guaranteed savings without having to pay anything upfront. Stem handles the installation, operation, remote monitoring and maintenance. There is no disruption to operations and no staff time required.

Customers subscribe to Stem’s turnkey service with a flat recurring payment that is easy to budget for and never goes up. Customers save multiple times what they pay. They keep all the upside and enjoy effortless savings that increase over time

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