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To stay on top of your customers’ energy use and understand what is happening day by day, you need continuous energy monitoring & verification. Developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy to help save energy in commercial buildings, Verify creates a “smart model” of how a building should consume energy and compares daily performance against it. Verify puts daily energy use in perspective: How does today compare to yesterday? The last 30 days? The last 12 months? And what potential problems lie ahead? Armed with this daily information, you can identify areas for improvement, get fast feedback on operational adjustments and plan ahead to manage energy costs.

Pulse-sensing gateway: Reads utility meter data and send automatically to our data center.

Software: Analyzes data and presents it in easily understood dashboards and graphs. Software is web-based, so is available anywhere with an internet connection.

Alerting: Automatic alerts sent by email or pager when energy usage levels go outside pre-set ranges.

Verify is one of many energy-saving applications in the BuildingAdvice™ suite of solutions for commercial buildings.

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