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Carbon Desktop is a web-based tool that helps you manage your everyday energy, carbon and utilities costs. Verco provides comprehensive energy, carbon and resource management solutions to industrial and commercial clients. Carbon Desktop is a secure web-based energy, carbon, water, resource and environmental management tool that helps monitoring efforts to reduce costs, energy and waste across a large organisation. Continuous improvement is one of the most important values in Carbon Desktop. It enables users to collect data and identify business improvement innovations, sharing experience and knowledge across the company. Carbon Desktop promotes the rapid and positive progression of all business improvement opportunities.

In just a couple of clicks, you can collect data, identify areas of improvement and share knowledge across the company. Our aim is to identify key areas of improvement and show the impact of energy and carbon saving measures. The business benefits are lower operational costs, shorter delivery lead times, less environmental risk and higher profit margins. Key features of the software include:

  • Online utilities monitoring
  • Comprehensive charting
  • Unlimited users
  • Improvement initiatives management
  • Custom reporting
  • CRC & CSR reporting
  • Regression analysis and fixed targeting
  • SSL connection
  • Carbon Accounting and modelling toolset

The system follows a well defined lifecycle that reflects continuous improvement and goes from the first system implementation to the planning and set up of personalised reports and solutions. The main benefit of counting with an established lifecycle is that the system will perfectly adapt to the customer’s requirements and will evolve accordingly as the organisation grows overtime. Users can collect energy, resource and production data easily in a common format. From this point the system can apply regression analysis to generate meter-specific intelligent usage targets and based on the analysis, reports can be created to determine performance.

Carbon Desktop is a web-based enterprise utility and carbon management application taking in data feeds from an extensive range of built-in and custom sources. The solution allows companies with multiple sites to consolidate utility or business data onto a common platform. Reporting is available to support operational and board level decision making. Carbon Desktop sits comfortably on top of your existing or our proprietary AMR (Automated Meter Reading) solution. The flexible targeting and reporting toolset can allow your stakeholder project team (including consultant resources) to engage in advanced analysis and information distribution across the organisation.

AMR (Data management). Carbon Desktop has the functionality to sit on top of a wide range of third party or our own proprietary automated meter reading technologies. The nature of AMR means we can provide efficient up to the minute views of utility data without the need for human intervention The data is securely communicated to our data centres and automatically stored for on-demand interrogation.

Monitoring & targeting (M&T). Carbon desktop provides an advanced targeting toolset that will aid your organization in the significant reductions to your carbon footprint over time. The targets can be continually adjusted making it possible for maximum energy efficiency in manageable steps without loss of production. This targeting sits on top of the extensive graphing and charting controls that allows the flexible and intelligent analysis of data.

Opportunity management. Carbon Desktop gives you the opportunity to liaise with the support engineers using a state of the art database system where further suggestions to reduce your sites carbon emissions can be put forward and the cost saving and feasibility will be assessed. Each improvement initiative or project may be tracked from concept to completion. As projects are successfully completed others will take place keeping the system in a constant improvement cycle.

Custom reporting. The Custom Reporting feature is a quick and easy way to design and tailor reports based on your system data, so that your company can leverage more value from its investment in Carbon Desktop. Custom reports can be automatically emailed to individuals or groups to help plan for meetings and communicate KPI’s amongst other things.

CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) reporting. Carbon Desktop will help your company to fulfill its requirements under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment). An additional module is available with a rich set of features that will enable you to build the data profile needed for CRC EES compliance.

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