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ECOCITIES- Optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings


 All EU member states are bound to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions till 2020 by 20% (based 1990 levels), improve its energy efficiency by 20% and increase -renewable energy production by 20% (cf. EU climate and energy package 20-20-20). One of the largest greenhouse gas producers (with about 40% of CO2 emissions) is heating, cooling and hot water production in buildings. At the same time the building sector has the largest potential for energy savings. In their effort to lead a change towards greater energy efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions, many cities and companies are in the process of devel- oping low carbon action plans.

However, since the costs for developing optimal action plans and continuously updating and improving them are very high, the efforts are often hindered by the tense financial situation of cities and companies. With significant economic and environmental downsides, because the consequences are additional costs due to the non-compliance to the national and EU emission goals (e.g., resulting in fines) and unutilized energy saving potential (dead capital).

ECOCITIES® supports operators of building portfolios (building groups) in deciding how present budget can be used most effectively to align the energy efficiency of their real estate to required political, economic and environmental objectives. It considers the thermal envelope, heating, cooling, alternative energy networks, photovoltaics, solar thermal and lighting.

ECOCITIES also enables the efficient administration and maintenance of building groups resp. real estate portfolios. It proposes measures the minimum investment and energy costs and cause maximum CO2 reduction.

ECOCITIES is the first solution available on the market that automatically calculates all relevant remediation options and presents them in a way that can be understood by decision-makers. Intuitive and innovative operating elements allow the targeted identification of the most suitable refurbishment variant for the building stock.

ECOCITIES considers costs and savings over the entire life cycle of possible remedial measures. This can be used to simulate different savings strategies and to illustrate the long-term economic and ecological effects of the renovation. The transparent and comprehensible presentation makes it possible to make a well-founded restructuring decision.

Energy consumption data can be recorded with ECOCITIES decentrally at meter point level. This allows the rapid identification of disproportionately high consumption figures and testing whether remedial measures carried out achieve the desired effect. If deviations are found, the responsible persons are automatically informed.

ECOCITIES offers extensive functionality for the management of building and energy consumption data. Key figures, plans, energy certificates, photos, meter readings, etc. are stored centrally in ECOCITIES and are immediately available to all authorized persons.

Cost reduction
ECOCITIES reduces the cost and thus the costs of managing, optimizing and monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings by up to 70%. This enables faster decision-making with regard to renovations and the associated implementation of previously unused energy saving potentials.

ECOCITIES can be used by any current web browser and is therefore available to authorized persons regardless of location or terminal device.

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