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GridPocket’s software-as-a-service white label platform solution for energy utilities is developed to propose secure energy consumption profile insight to household clients in order to encourage them to implement  energy efficiency behavior, in turn resulting in reduced consumption or peak load shifting. The system rewards households with EcoTroks™ energy efficiency points for energy efficient behavior, which can be used to buy gifts. This gaming tactic is effective for sustained consumer engagement through a positive feedback relationship.

“EcoTroks are a great thing! My energy provider enables me to verify my consumption and buy gifts for my eco actions.” EcoTroks service user, Cannes, 2013

The energy consumer is the most important actor in demand response management. Our green nudge energy efficiency program proposes to your client to : 


Large portfolio of energy indicators in order to help understand the impact of energy consumption. Information is displayed through detailed analysis of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly consumption through access to extended periods of historical data.

This is how people can identify the most important energy consumption, their minimum, maximum and basic values and also the phantom load consumption caused by forgetting to switch off the appliances or unplug a telephone charger.


EcoTroks engages the whole family! New challenges, comparing the consumption of their new stuff, winning EcoTroks and comparing their efficiency status to other people becomes a fun excuse to spend some family time together. Respecting the privacy management issues, all customers have a possibility not to share their data or graphics as an anonymous user with the EcoTroks status.

The interactive timeline of the energy efficiency dashboard enables automatic sharing and posting of energy consumption events, alerts, advices, energy efficiency status, etc. These events can be shared using social media and typical “like” buttons.


Gridpocket’s Ecotroks system rewards the consumer for energy efficiency efforts with virtual energy points. The software uses special points called Ecotroks that represents a virtual currency, which can be exchanged for real goods and services in the online shopTo find out how they are doing, clients consult the energy saving tips and targets and performance indicator  which can help them to gain more Ecotroks and improve their energy consumption. They can view their EcoTroks amount, analyze weekly gains, and gains in their energy efficiency rating. Through this service a new challenge to save energy is proposed every day.

Energy management

  • Cumulated energy consumption information (in €, CO2, kWh),
  • Redistribution of energy usage following peak and off peak hours,
  • Instant consumption information in Watts
  • Interactive historical consumption charts
  • Real time information about energy consumption
  • Discover phantom loads (forgotten charger)
  • Consumption profiles

Personalized services

  • Social challenge
  • Interactive timeline and news
  • Energy savings tips
  • Consumer feedback
  • Privacy management
  • Social media, sms and email alerts
  • Meteo service
  • Personal efficiency status and privileges
  • Solution acceptance

Consumer engagement

  • EcoTroks™ reward service
  • Target and performance indicator
  • Ecotroks virtual money
  • Saving rewards
  • Weekly gains
  • Status and privileges
  • Customers loyalty
  • Increased customer retention
  • Customers efficient consumption encouragement

Demand response management 

  • Peak load shifting
  • Smart Grid balance
  • Customers loyalty
  • Consumption transparency
  • Customers engagement
  • Customers profiling
  • Consumption analytics
  • Machine to machine
  • Programmable control
  • Benefits for utilities

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