- Version EVE - Empuron Visual Efficiency for Independent Energy Management Software


Support DIN EN ISO 50001 - 16247 Intelligently. Use Energy Efficiently and Reduce Consumption. Using EVE - the manufacturer-independent energy management solution - industries and real estates can determine exactly, how much energy is used and how much has been saved at what location. Nice to know how the past was - self-learning prediction functions allow the proactive intervention: to diagnose for example, how to avoid peak loads, but also to detect machine failures.

With EVE and its comprehensive platform the event-reporting transports the information with appropriate evaluations immediately to the configured mobile devices.

EVE 2.X - Support Base Functions in the Energy Management

  • Analysis according to DIN EN ISO 50001 - 12647
  • Prediction function leading to alarms for diturbances and limit violations
  • Intelligence by self adaptive technology (Artificial Neural Network)
  • Robust base system including 32 or 128 tags

EVE 10.X - Support and automate distributed energy management by well-aimed redundancy functions

  • Distribute subsystems and central systems with redundancy functions
  • Provide energy control desks with real-time functionality
  • Integrate tablet computers with suprvision functionality

Support by Extended Porta Lfunctions

  • Support staff using Portal functions: WIKI, calenders and Search functions
  • Management of 50001 - 16247 documents

Operational Areas of EVE 2.X AND 10.X

  • Industrial Companies - EVE INDUSTRY

The efficiency module of EVE is based on sensors, measuring devices, gateways and meters. Thus, for power consumption of equipments can be combined with additional information, such as temperature, humidity and others. Limits are monitored and the artificial neural network looks for anomalies in the industrial process and calculates their energy impact.

Real Estates - EVE Monitoring
As with industrial companies measured and metered values of the different parts of the building and the installed devices are added. With the function modules for refrigeration, compressed air, air the EVE approach provides accurate conclusions about energy improvement opportunities in the property. Thanks EVE the property appears as an 'open book'. Characteristics shown by the EVE technology are providing important insights.

EVE - Empuron Visual Energy Integration
EVE is based on the comprehensive EMPURON integration platform. Interface modules and hardware components are designed to make information available uniformly and to adapt when differencies in the data sets occurr.

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