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Energy Data Management Software


We enable your data requirements across the entire Energy Value Chain. Whether you need to ingest enormous amounts of data as batches or streaming every day, minute or second, we offer instant and real-time access with limitless storage and computing power. We also help you to uncover the hidden the value of your data by correlating and analyzing the data with a diversity of other data sources. We will ingest and process your data so you can analyze and learn from it. Without structured and real-time access to the diversity of data sources, it is impossible to monetize your data.

Monetizeyour data

We enable organizations to make confident business decisions with real time generated insights. We fuel best of breed products and services for the energy and utility industry.

Accelerate your time to business

Our platform covers everything from data ingestion and data cleaning to business deployment and monetization.

We streamline and unify your data intelligence to accelerate your time to business

Business capability flows

Providing pre-defined customizable templates to handle common energy industry wide tasks/processes on time series data to produce the required business information and value.

Using the flow designer in our console users can create flows, configure (pluggable) rules & algorithms and chain flows.

Enabling data driven business models

Unleash the energy evolution by uncovering and monetizing the hidden value of your diversity of data. Our data intelligence suite provides you the right tools for your business case. Easy, pluggable & affordable Software-as-a-service.


Our admin portal. Optimised for business users as well for analysts. The energyworx console delivers realtime actionable insights for critical business needs.


Our API allows developers to rapidly build and deploy custom apps or integrate with existing ones. Our team of specialists offer consultancy ensuring high performance of your application.


The ultimate tool for data scientists and analysts providing you super fast realtime ingress of data. Created for fast prototyping and instantly exploring data diversity.

Why our platform
  • Fastests realtime ingress of data
  • Lowest and transparent pricing
  • Fast time to market, days to weeks
  • Ingestion & intelligent correlation of your data diversity
  • Big Data & Machine Learning capabilities
  • Pay as you grow SaaS model, so no large upfront investments

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