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EPLabel is a UK Government approved, web based DEC software tool designed to help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon output. With multiple user access and a database structure, EPLabel provides a powerful, user-friendly DEC production and management tool that gives clear information about a building portfolio’s energy performance and guides energy efficiency investment prioritisation. Its powerful and unique functionality helps managers, owners and occupiers develop energy and carbon reduction strategies for a site or entire portfolio. And it is completely free of charge.

EPLabel enables businesses and public sector organisations to understand their carbon position at the level of the individual building or tenancy: the full set of data available from each DEC provides this critical granularity. EPLabel user options include the following:

  • Accredited Public Building Energy Assessors (PBEAs) receive full access to their portfolio of sites and can lodge DECs and Advisory Reports on the Landmark Central Register. The PBEA can access the EPLabel DEC Manager, enabling the production of reports and analysis of all the DECs in their portfolio
  • PBEA Administrators (PAs) can access the EPLabel DEC Manager and view or analyse the results for all the DECs generated by all PBEAs within their organisation. PAs can set up user accounts for all their PBEAs
  • A building manager’s license allows property owners or managers to view the results for their portfolio of buildings enabling them to confirm data entry, sign off completed DECs or advisory reports and review their building portfolio’s DECs and energy data
  • A data collector’s licence allows a non-accredited person to enter building data into EPLabel, so numerous people can complete the task of producing a DEC. This feature also enables facility or energy managers to login to answer the questions that generate the advisory report
  • Accreditation Scheme ‘Managers’ can view the inputs for DECs generated by the PBEAs within their accreditation scheme, making their task of monitoring and QA especially easy

Whether voluntary or for compliance, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are a stimulus for achieving carbon, energy and cost savings in the UK’s existing buildings.

Web based tool with tailored multi-user functionality for DEC assessors, assessor managers, data collectors, building/energy managers and accreditation schemes

  • Rapid, secure access to DEC data and results for every building in a portfolio
  • Automatic carry forward of the data and results from current year to next year’s renewal
  • DEC Manager portfolio analysis: customised league tables of energy ratings, carbon footprints, year-on-year improvements and DEC renewal dates, by user and by organisation. Use the DEC Manager to understand how to improve your CRC position
  • Automated allocation of site energy to multiple buildings or of landlord’s services to tenancies
  • User log book to maintain audit trail of evidence for data entries for each building
  • Space to record reasons for choice of carbon impact of each improvement measure
  • Free-to-use, fully functioned web based training environment
  • User support from the EPLabel Help desk - telephone (during working hours) and email
  • Automated building address look-up direct from the government’s property register and direct lodgement of completed DECs into the government Central Register of energy certificates

To become a user of EPLabel, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for the Training Universe
  2. Become a user in the EPLabel Live Universe

The training application has all of the functions of the full-licence EPLabel tool, however the DECs it generates are watermarked 'Draft' and can’t be lodged. It’s available to all accredited PBEAs (Public Building Energy Assessors) and anybody training to become a PBEA or data collector. Additionally, on a case by case basis, logins are available to those who simply have a strong interest in exploring EPLabel. You can start becoming an EPLabel user by registering for the free training application.

Training Universe: Please submit the following information (=required) by email to robert.cohen@vercoglobal.com. We will process your application and send your login details via return email. You can expect a response within one working day.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Name of accrediting body
  • Trading name of your organisation
  • Trading address
  • Postcode

Users in the Live Application are set up by an organisation’s PBEA administrator (PA). If your organisation wishes to start using the Live Application, your PA should register for a PA login. Your PA can then set up logins for any number of PBEAs, Data Collectors or Building Managers. For QA purposes, all PBEAs are asked to complete a simple case study of a DEC in the Training Application to demonstrate their familiarity and ability with EPLabel. The case study can be downloaded from the Help section of EPLabel. PBEAs become approved EPLabel users after verification of the completed case study.

Live Universe: Logins for the EPLabel Live Universe are given to a PBEA’s Administrator (PA). For organisations with a single PBEA, the PA and PBEA can be the same person. For organisations with a team of PBEAs, the PA is responsible for allocating DEC work to each PBEA.

Please submit the following information (=required) by email to robert.cohen@vercoglobal.com.

First name
Last name
Name of accrediting body
Accreditation certificate number (4 letters/6 numbers)
Trading name of your organisation
Trading address

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