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- Demand Charge Management Solution


Geli’s Demand Charge Management Solution uses a learning algorithm to forecast site load, maximizing savings by minimizing utility demand charges with available battery and power converter capacity. Solution also supports facilities trying to switch tariffs or keep usage below a specific threshold.

Pattern Matching
Geli-enabled energy storage systems are equipped with site-specific intelligence from day one. Reviewing all past consumption data provides insights into how a facility will most likely behave next.

Load Forecasting
Geli combines historic load data and environmental forecasts (such as weather) to produce near-term demand forecasts to ensure the energy storage system has enough stored capacity to achieve peak load reduction targets.
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Adaptive Demand Threshold
If an unexpected peak event occurs, Geli software immediately updates load and performance forecasts. If an event is anticipated to negatively impact monthly performance, the demand threshold is dynamically adjusted to ensure the peak event is successfully managed.

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