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- Energy Operating System


The Geli Energy Operating System (Geli EOS) enables easy integration and intelligent operation of any energy storage system from residential to grid scale

Geli Energy Applications deliver advanced energy system functionality and intelligence. Applications are dynamically optimized based on the most recent load profiles and tariff structures.

Demand Charge Management

The Geli Demand Charge Management Energy App uses a learning algorithm to forecast site load, maximizing savings by minimizing utility demand changes with available battery and power converter capacity.

Solar PV Self-Consumption

The Geli Solar PV Self-Consumption Energy App varies the charge rate to follow PV production so that only solar electrons are stored in the battery, ensuring full ITC compliance.

Backup Power

In the event of a loss of grid power, the Geli Backup Power Energy App instructs the energy storage system to disconnect from the grid, support on-site loads, and reconnect when the grid power is restored.

Demand Response

The Geli Demand Response Energy App enables customers to generate additional savings by participating in available grid service markets. Geli works with leading DR providers to deliver market-based services.

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