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With our Wi-Fi energy meter, Iammeter cloud ( and app, you can easily monitor your electricity use in real time. All the data is presented on a graph by hour, day, week or month on our web cloud and mobile app. The system can generate the electricity bill in the billing cycle customized by you. It also sends the alert by email when the monthly or daily energy consumption reaches a pre-defined value. The comprehensive analysis report generated by system makes you understand your power usage and electricity bill better. It's all about giving you a deeper look into how the energy is consumed in your home. The Wi-Fi energy meter also has an open interface for you to integrate its data to your own server or the cloud of third party (like Home Assistant) if needed.

Overview Dashboard
You can simply track your power usage from the Overview Dashboard of the Iammeter cloud or app.

Quick View Energy Consumption and Bill
You can add different places in your account and monitor them in one page. You can see the energy consumption and billing information of all your places in a list.

The electricity bill is calculated by the Power Tariff and Billing Cycle you set. You can set the power tariff for different billing method, such as Fixed Rate, Tiered Rate and Time of Use Rate.

You can set the Billing Start Date to customize your billing cycle.

Billing Report
The billing report on daily / monthly / yearly basis makes you understand your electricity bill easily.

Comprehensive Energy Consumption Analysis
Comprehensive Energy Consumption Analysis Report gives you a very deeper looking into the details of your electricity usage and analysis.

Load Analysis
Load Analysis report compares the power and energy consumption for your different loads.

Abnormal Data Analysis
You can set the normal range for any parameters in the filter, then the system will list all the data which is out of the preset range.

Agent Account
If you are a distributor, integrator or reseller, you must want to see all the meters you sold to your customer in an administrator's account. We have an agent system for you to manage your meters and your use

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