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Custom-designed hydropower optimization tool.

Due to deregulated market, the hydroelectric power plant production is constantly changing. Moreover, operating conditions and units availability are also in constant evolution. The selection of the best production configuration is then a difficult task if the hydraulic circuit head losses and the turbine hill-charts non-linearities are also considered. Thus, simple optimization tool can significantly help to improve a power plant annual production.

OptiPower is a custom designed software divided in two parts:

  1. Calculator: to select the best operating set points of a hydroelectric power plant according to operating constrains;
  2. Forecast: to optimize power generation strategy over 24/48/72 hours.


OptiPower Calculator enables to define best operating set points of a power plant in order to maximize the power generation and global efficiency according to real-time operating conditions, constrains and demand.

OptiPower Calculator includes a model of the power plant taking into account:

  • custom hydraulic power plant layout;
  • hydraulic non-linear head losses;
  • turbine efficiency hill-charts;
  • upstream/downstream water levels;
  • power and/or guide vanes set points.


OptiPower Forecast enables to test power generation scenarios over 24/48/72 hours, in order to find the best operating strategy according to upstream/downstream inflows forecast, units availability and demand forecast.

OptiPower Forecast enables to test and thus optimize power generation scenarios taking into account:

  • reservoir inflow forecasts;
  • reservoir geometry;
  • power generation scenarios with power or guide vanes set points;
  • hydraulic circuit model including head losses, turbine efficiency hill- charts, operating units;
  • surge tanks mass oscillations;
  • energy hourly price.

For each scenario, OptiPower Forecast provides:

  • the energy production history in MWh;
  • the power production profile;
  • the time evolution of the efficiency of each unit;
  • the turbine transients (without water hammer effects);
  • the surge tank transient;
  • the overall total discharge during 24/48/72 hours;
  • the time evolution of the reservoir water levels.

OptiPower Forecast can also be interfaced with:

  • energy market price database;
  • flood prediction tools;
  • maintenance costs database.

By iterative process, the OptiPower Forecast user can:

  • optimize the production;
  • define optimal operating strategy;
  • optimize water flows;
  • minimize spillway discharge;
  • reduce maintenance costs;
  • with reliable power plant model.


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