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Powel calculator allows you to set up many mathematical and statistical calculation expressions applied on different types of time series. Powel calculator is an integrated part of all Powel products within production planning and optimisation, forecasting and trading of power producers. In Mesh it is tightly connected to the Mesh object model which is well suited for setting up time series calculations as template expressions.

Automatic control of large amount of data

Powel Mesh provides functions for automatically control and correction of a large amount of data based on predefined methods and criteria which increase the quality of the data in an efficient way.

Template reports

Set up of reports are also done in Powel Calculator. A template report is made by referring to time series types from an object model. When you select a physical object as start point in the tree view in Powel Nimbus, this report applies to its local or associated time series defined by the object model.

'You can use the same template report for multiple levels in the related part of the model. This limits the number of required reports and maintenance work dramatically,' concludes Botnen.

  • Integrated with the Powel Smart Energy platform
  • Detailed hydrological description
  • Moderate solution times
  • Seamless integration with short-term planning
  • One common system description for short-and mid-term planning
  • Flexible, transparent model

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