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Power Xpert Insight


Simple to install, simple to use, simple to add new devices and simple to obtain the information needed to make important operating decisions every day. Power Xpert Insight gives you the insight into your electrical system components from one central system.

Focused on power and energy monitoring, Power Xpert Insight’s customer-centric interface was developed after extensive user testing, and the system is designed to be both easy to use and easy to install. Power Xpert Insight allows you to view the device information you want to see, easily manage alarms, and view and compare trend data. It is designed to scale easily from a small school or data center to a global manufacturing operation, providing greater value over time.

  • Favorites Dashboard: build a dashboard on the fly to monitor select devices that are meaningful to you
  • Alarms: see a concise summary of all device alarms that allows you to manage from one central location and quickly take action
  • One-lines: build a comprehensive visual representation of your system using powerful out-of-the-box tools that cut implementation time exponentially compared to other systems.
  • Energy: view and compare energy data across devices, both demand and usage.
  • Trend Viewer: view and compare trends from any number of channels across all devices

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