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Energy Monitoring Software- Advisor; ResourceKraft’s Energy Monitoring Software empowers management & operation teams with the information they need to make financial and process decisions to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Organisational Function Perspective Your Data, Your Way
Organisational Function Perspective (OFP) is the ability for users to obtain and interrogate information which pertains to their role. Advisor 10 gives improved access to meaningful data which is tailored to various stakeholders’ requirements i.e. Finance and Engineering, Facility Management, etc. Users will also have the ability to create their own unique view of their world.

Measure, Identify and Reduce Energy Use
Advisor Energy Monitoring Software acquires and analyses energy usage data from energy meters and converts it into management information. Real-time energy data is visualised as easily understood charts, graphs and maps. Users can create targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and automated reports to plan, measure and track efficiency increases.

Energy Data Communication
Managers typically try to control energy costs by comparing utility bills. Utility bills contain two valuable pieces of information: energy used and costs incurred but they leave out the Who, What, Where, When and Why of energy usage.

User Across and Device Display
To meet the demands of ever changing technology in the area of mobile devices, ResourceKraft has created Advisor 10 to scale on any device while maintaining its functional usage. This is achieved through the implementation of responsive design.

Cost Mapper
Cost maps gives you an insight into when energy is being used within your organisation

Comparing data from external sources e.g. manufacturing control systems

You can be alerted by text or email if the threshold that you set up has been breached

Heat Mapper
Heat maps give you an overview about your energy consumption over a period of time

Data Quality
Investing in maximizing data quality is crucial to our business. Incorrect or missing energy data is a lost opportunity for savings

Our servers are constant monitored to ensure high availability and security of customers’ data

Our energy management software supports several multiple of data including executive real time, 24 hr, 7 day, monthly and yearly

Tariff Analysis
Providing accurate cost consumption information at all levels

Degree Days
Using degree days for energy consumption analysis

Allowing you to set specific KPIs, targets and alarms

Trend Analysis
Identifying costs and low energy efficiency performance

Allowing you to remotely monitor multi-site organisations

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