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RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS) based on SAP MII


The RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS) Powered by NetWeaver® and SAP MII® is the ONLY SAP® CERTIFIED Energy Solution. It that enables organizations to improve energy performance and reduce energy intensity and cost in less than 12 weeks. Because it is based on SAP MII, the RTS EMIS can uniquely link disparate production energy data sources (meters, historians) AND financial data to provide a real-time energy monitoring system. You will see immediate savings once the project is live (~12 weeks implementation time, with

  • Cumulative data aggregation & integration across all operational data sources and energy types.
  • Real-time visibility into energy consumption, intensity, & costs down to a unit or line level.
  • Ability to compare energy usage across diverse plants/regions/divisions and disparate data sets.
  • Real-time feedback via alerts or notifications when metrics are out of tolerance with dynamic energy targets.
  • Ability to quickly identify costs or profitability impacts of current Energy Consumption versus what/if scenarios (Minimize TOU and Peak Demand charges).
  • Connectivity to enterprise business systems ensuring that data can easily be shared & consumed throughout your organization.
  • Identify immediate savings opportunities as soon as system is live via real time data visibility and preconfigured and user- defined layouts.
  • Analyze current capabilities and data gaps to quickly identify energy savings opportunities and understand key drivers of energy consumption.
  • Support Enterprise Sustainability Initiatives: Automatic Carbon Reporting from Energy / Water Consumption Management / Effluent Management (Title V)
  • Integrate energy management, business processes, and financial data to drive strategic changes that increase efficiency, decrease environmental impacts, and lower costs.
  • Track results of improvement initiatives/programs - ISO 50001, Superior Energy Performance (SEP) & Better Buildings, Better Plants (BBBP).

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