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Utilihive empowers utilities to manage the data flow for utilities faster and smoother than traditional system integration models and to accelerate the journey towards the energy revolution. Kickstart the digital transformation with prebuilt Utilihive integrations and connectors, and connect new software solutions in days instead of months of custom coding. Don’t get stuck with traditional technology, and become a digital utility with Utilihive.

The drive for renewable energy sources and the electrification of transportation is accelerating. Advanced software solutions for controlling generation and consumption of power will be crucial for enabling a future with a substantial shift towards clean energy.

The future role for utilities in the energy revolution is not determined yet. Some will continue to maintain an aging IT infrastructure and dedicated focus on traditional grid operation. Other utilities will grab the opportunity to become the platform operator driving innovation by integrating energy data across the entire value chain. What is your plan?

The traditional system integration approach involves acquiring middleware and engaging with a system integrator to build a customized solution with a lengthy, costly and high-risk integration project. That is no longer an adequate approach for utilities dealing with a fast-paced energy revolution. You must move fast with less risk.

Custom integration projects usually involve high upfront costs, long time-to-market, inherent risk, substantial delays, budget overruns, and often fail due to high complexity.

Customized integration solutions are expensive to operate and maintain, hard to monitor, and fixing of errors tends to be a slow process.

Traditional systems integration approaches hold back innovation since implementing innovative new software solutions is expensive, time consuming, and has a failing business case.

Utilities can take a proactive role in the energy revolution, or be left behind as more flexible, more efficient and innovative competitors and alternatives overtake them. Disruptive and data driven business models will dominate the energy industry. Right now, utilities have a substantial opportunity to take the role as a platform operator enabling innovation and driving the energy revolution.

It is time for new approach to system integration for digital utilities. This is Utilihive. System integration delivered in a SaaS model, with out-of-the-box support to enable integration of software operating smart meters and smart grids. A platform that puts the utility in the driver’s seat for operating an advanced ecosystem with seamless integration of software to optimize a digital grid.

Utilizing Utilihive, Utilities can become platform operators enabling the energy revolution by managing the data flow faster and more smoothly.

Utilihive transforms system integration from an obstacle into a platform for innovation by connecting new software solutions without the need to code.

Utilize the power of the public cloud or deploy on a private cloud. Either way, Greenbird’s technology is cloud native and built to scale.

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