- Version Logic - Integrated PLC System


Efficiency and smooth Integration, from Sensors through to ERP. With zenon Logic, the zenon Product Family boasts with an integrated, IEC 61131-3-based PLC system for maximum process control and logical data processing. zenon Logic effortlessly links PLCs and by that facilitates both process engineering and logical data management.

Current zenon version

With its annual release cycles, zenon offers new functionality on an ongoing basis. We would like to particularly stress these highlights in zenon 7.60.

ISO 50001 & zenon

Implement an Energy Data Management System in accordance with ISO 50001 with the zenon Product Family.

zenon security

zenon provides comprehensive protection from unwanted data loss and from unauthorized access.

zenon Logic

The powerful and flexible IEC 61131-3 programming system makes the configuration of projects quicker, more reliable, better and more efficient.


Profitable engineering

Up to 80% less time required for engineering, strongly reduced start-up times - the bottom line is: ergonomic HMI/SCADA engineering with zenon.

Efficient reusability

zenon elements are reusable in diverse applications, existing variable lists are easy to import. Additionally: templates and wizards substantially reduce engineering efforts. The generation of customer specific variants such as changes of colors, logos, drivers and other parameters are carried out in just a few mouse clicks - complicated programming becomes obsolete.

Economic maintenance

Many maintenance tasks can be performed by the user on-site and, thanks to remote maintenance, system diagnosis and online updates can be carried out during the running Runtime. More efficiency in engineering and operation.

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