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  • Linear Concentrators
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    Linear Concentrators

    By Jetstream Energy Technologies, Inc.

    Linear Concentrators, often called Trough Solar, are parabolically shaped troughs that focus the sun on a tube typically filled with a synthetic oil. The concentration factor is limited to approximately 30 to 40. Other ...

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  • Rioglass Solar Inc.

    Rioglass Solar Inc.

    Rioglass Solar is now the largest CSP mirror supplier in the world with cutting edge production facilities in Spain, United States and South Africa. ...

  • VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik GmbH

    VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik GmbH

    VON ARDENNE is a market leader in the manufacture of equipment for architectural glass coating. Furthermore, we supply advanced coating equipment for ...

  • Focus Solar GmbH

    Focus Solar GmbH

    focus solar GmbH, based in Oldenburg, Germany, offers independent consultancy in solar energy. Our experience in solar resource assessment supports ...

  • Greenera Energy India Pvt

    Greenera Energy India Pvt

    Greenera Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a startup firm involved in Research, Development and commercialization of concentrating solar energy products.We ...

  • Torresol Energy Investments, S.A

    Torresol Energy Investments, S.A

    The Torresol Energy company was founded to promote technological development and the construction, operation and maintenance of large concentrated ...