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  • Solar Energy Measurement System
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    Solar Energy Measurement System

    By Geonica SA

    GEONICA introduces the SEMS-2000/3000 Solar Energy Measurement System, a turnkey integral solution for measuring the sun power, that is, the solar energy resource, as well as for the remote monitoring and efficiency ...

  • Solar Panel
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    Solar Panel

    By Chatron

    Heating and ventilation of spaces; Due to the quality of the absorber material used in the manufacture of panels, more than 90% of the solar energy is absorbed and used to heat the air passing through the inside of the ...

  • Parabolic Trough Technology for Large-Scale Solar Power Generation
    Showcase Product

    Parabolic Trough Technology for Large-Scale Solar Power Generation


    Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology uses energy from the sun to generate heat, which is used in steam cycles to produce electricity. The technology is particularly efficient in regions with high direct solar ...

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  • DESERTEC Foundation

    DESERTEC Foundation

    DESERTEC Foundation as a non-profit foundation with the aim of promoting the implementation of the global DESERTEC Concept `Clean Power from Deserts` ...

  • ACCIONA Energy

    ACCIONA Energy

    ACCIONA Energy is a global operator in renewable energies, and the biggest in the world in terms of clean energies not linked to conventional ...

  • Thai Solar Power

    The Solar Energy Research Laboratory has been founded in 1979. The work mainly focus on three fields: Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment, ...

  • Torresol Energy

    Torresol Energy

    The company Torresol Energy was founded in 2008 with a view to promote the technological development, construction, use and maintenance of large ...

  • JX Crystals

    JX Crystals

    JX Crystals is a spin-off from the Boeing Company with licenses for key patents on IR sensitive Gallium Antimonide photovoltaic cells. JXC broadened ...