Crystalline Silicon

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  • Neutron Transmutation Doped Silicon
    Showcase Product

    Neutron Transmutation Doped Silicon

    By Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S

    Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) silicon has the lowest resistivity variation of any crystalline silicon product on the market. This is of paramount importance for high power semiconductor devices working under ...

  • Cell Module
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    Cell Module

    By Heliene Inc.

    The HELIENE 72PHD is a new 72 cell module that is capable of generating up to 305 watts of power per panel. With output classes ranging from 270 Wp to 305 Wp, the HELIENE 72PHD still retains a thickness of only 40 mm ...

  • Poly-Crystalline Silicon
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    Poly-Crystalline Silicon

    By Jiangyin Hareon Power Co., Ltd.

    Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency; for example, conversion efficiency of polysilicon modules can be as high as 14.5%, while that of mono-silicon modules can be as high as 16%;Stable output of 18V/24V direct ...

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  • Onboard Energy

    Onboard Energy

    Onboard Energy specialise in providing electricity for people in places where mains voltage power is not normally available. That might be for a ...

  • Rulis Eléctrica Lda

    Rulis Eléctrica Lda

    Established in 1993, Rulis Electrica, Lda is a Portuguese company with German management. Our initial activity for the area of small wind turbines ...

  • Luxor Solar GmbH

    Luxor Solar GmbH

    Luxor Solar GmbH is an established German company in the solar industry based in Stuttgart. The company develops solar modules and produces them ...

  • Nature Power Products

    Nature Power Products

    Nature Power Products is a line of consumer based Renewable Energy products that are manufactured by RDK Products. Our products include solar battery ...

  • BAUER Solarenergie GmbH

    BAUER Solarenergie GmbH

    All around the world more and more companies, investors and private individuals are deciding in favour of renewable energy forms. Why not put your ...