Crystalline Silicon

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  • Multi-Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules
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    Multi-Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules

    By ANJI Technology Co Ltd

    Type of Module: M636.  Maximum Prower Rating±3%, W, 160, 155, 150, 145. Maximum Prower Voltage, V, 18.91, 18.66, 18.31, 18.06. Maximum Prower Current, A, 8.46, 8.31, 8.19, 8.03. Open circuit Voltage, V, ...

  • Amorphous (thin-film) Cells
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    Amorphous (thin-film) Cells

    By Yandalux GmbH

    Non-crystalline silicone deposits on the back of a glass with a thin-layered plastic surface, used e.g. in calculators or watches. Cell efficiency around 5% -10%. Other thin-film technology based on cadmium telluride ...

  • Polycrystalline Solar Module
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    Polycrystalline Solar Module

    By Kinve Solar Europe

    Format 125mm×125mm±0.5mm.Thickness 200µm±30µm.Front(-) 1.5mm bus bars(silver),blue anti-reflecting coating(silicon nitride). Back(+) 2mm wide soldering pads(silver),back surface ...

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  • Kioto Solar

    Kioto Solar

    KIOTO Photovoltaics produces high-efficiency mono and polycrystalline solar modules using the latest equipment. KIOTO Heat develops and sells ...

  • Kinve Solar Europe

    Kinve Solar Europe

    Kinve Solar was founded in 2005, a multinational corporation with it’s headquarters in Nanjing, China. We specialize in the R&D, production, sales of ...