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  • Solar Fast-installedPower Station - Case Study

    The 2014FIA Formula E Championship was held in Beijing Olympic Park. As the official solar partner of the event, HanergyThin-film Power Generation Co., Ltd. provided the world`s leading solar fast-installed power station for the event to provide clean power for the event. The solar fast-installed power station uses a flexible component that is not brittle and only 1/4 the weight of conventional ...

  • How Does Solar Power Lighting Work?

    So perhaps you’re in the market for solar power lighting, and you’re curious about how it works. You’re in luck! Greenshine New Energy has a collection of over 30 years in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Wafer Inspection System

    Solar Wafer Inspection System

    The Applied Vericell Solar Wafer Inspection System is the industry’s most advanced fully automated bare wafer inspection tool for crystalline silicon PV wafer and cell production. The Applied Vericell system’s multiple integrated inspection modules automatically evaluate each wafer to find and eliminate defective wafers from production, resulting in significant manufacturing savings. ...