Crystalline Silicon

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  • Solar Fast-installedPower Station - Case Study

    The 2014FIA Formula E Championship was held in Beijing Olympic Park. As the official solar partner of the event, HanergyThin-film Power Generation Co., Ltd. provided the world`s leading solar fast-installed power station for the event to provide clean power for the event. The solar fast-installed power station uses a flexible component that is not brittle and only 1/4 the weight of conventional ...

  • How Does Solar Power Lighting Work?

    So perhaps you’re in the market for solar power lighting, and you’re curious about how it works. You’re in luck! Greenshine New Energy has a collection of over 30 years in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Calibrated Solar Cell

    Calibrated Solar Cell

    Si sensors use a high-quality monocrystalline solar cell connected to a high accuracy shunt. The low shunt resistance causes the cell to operate close to the short-circuit point. Si sensors can be provided with active temperature compensation to avoid any possible measurement shifts caused by the temperature. The compensation is realized by using a specific temperature sensor laminated to the ...