Integrated photovoltaic

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Inauguration of an innovative foldable solar roof in Switzerland

    Since September 7, 2017, an innovative solar roof of the public utility “IBC Energie Wasser Chur” has supplied the municipal sewage treatment plant with renewable energy. HORIZON is a movable light weight construction system which can be folded and is based on ropeway technology. The modules can be retracted automatically and thus are best protected agai

  • Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

    Electricity is essential to every household. But what happens to those households in remote areas where electrification on the grid is not possible? The off grid home solar power ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • BAPV and BIPV Structures

    BAPV and BIPV Structures

    Axial Structural Solutions develops all kind of projects both BAPV (Building-applied PV) and BIPV (Building-integrated PV) structures adapting to the specific conditions of each client´s building.