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  • Charging Your Electric Car With A Solar Panel Rooftop

    Do you have any plans to buy a zero-emission vehicle in the near future? Have you considered the idea of utilizing solar energy for recharging your electric car on the go? Being able to charge your EV with a solar panel roof while you are driving is no longer a fancy dream.In fact numerous startups

  • What you Need to Know About PERC Solar Cells

    PERC solar modules are growing in the market, but what is PERC cell technology and what are its advantages? To better understand PERC cell technology’s importance, let’s first review some ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Small Solar Panels for Use with Electronic Bird-X Products

    Small Solar Panels for Use with Electronic Bird-X Products

    Considering buying solar bird repeller ultrasonic equipment? A solar panel bird deterrent package offers several benefits. Our solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and charge 12-volt batteries for DC (direct current) appliances. Our solar-powered bird repeller equipment comes in different models and sizes. The 5-watt model (small) works with Bird-X sonic electronic devices with a ...

Upcoming Events

  • Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2020 (GBF ASIA 2020)

    Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2020 (GBF ASIA 2020)

    With a market share of as high as 70%, China has firmly claimed center stage in worldwide power battery, storage battery and 3C battery industry. More domestic champions have developed the capacity to produce state-of-the-art high-end products, ready to compete with overseas top-notch players in the international arena.