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  • An Analysis of the European Solar Market

    An Analysis of the European Solar Market

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the analyst group, foresees continued growth in PV installations up to around 1.4 TW of capacity by 2050, with Germany and France representing the two largest markets on the continent.The analyst firm expects annual installations to peak at roughly 70 GW around 2036, followed by a dip and then renewed activity, in excess of


Equipment & Solutions

  • 100W Flodable Solar Charger Blanket

    100W Flodable Solar Charger Blanket

    Foldable. Lightweight. Portable. Easy to use. Beautiful and Fashionable. High efficiency. Strong weatherability. Wide range application.

Upcoming Events

  • E-Talia 2020

    E-Talia 2020

    A Strategy & Technology Summit to drive the Italian Energy Transition of Solar, Wind Power and Electric Vehicles. This annual congress will help accelerate solar, wind power projects, grid investments, energy storage, asset management and EV charging network across one of Europe’s strongest renewable energy markets.