Solar Controllers

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  • Solar Cell Thin Film Analysers from Hiden Analytical

    Solar cell thin film analysers are used to facilitate research and development (R&D) into novel photovoltaic architectures by monitoring the processing conditions for epitaxial deposition of photovoltaic materials. These growth methods cover a range of advanced techniques, such as plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) and radio frequency sputtering, which are used to generate a ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Street Lights

    Solar Street Lights

    The Brighta Series is ideal for solar park lighting, solar pathway lighting, solar parking lot lighting, and solar street lighting. The Brighta features a simple design: one CREE XPG LED fixture with a luminaire efficiency above 130 lumens per watt, plus one solar panel composed of mono-crystalline solar cells. The Brighta is an IES Type II lighting fixture, designating fixtures that best serve ...