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  • Pfizer – Andover - 10 MW CHP System - Case Study

    Pfizer – Andover - 10 MW CHP System - Case Study

    Quick Facts LOCATION: Andover, MA MARKET SECTOR: Biotechnology FACILITY SIZE: 950,000 square feet in 7 buildings FUEL: Natural gas PRIME MOVER: Two 5 MW Solar gas turbines POLLUTION CONTROL: SCONOx emission control system using a proprietary catalyst OPERATION: 24/7 SYSTEM CAPACITY: 10 MW, 80,000 lb steam/hour ANNUAL ELECTRICITY GENERATION: 5


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  • Autowide Centerguide Sensor

    Autowide Centerguide Sensor

    The Model 31581 Autowide Centerguide Sensor is designed specifically to provide continuous scanning of the entire span of strip width variations. This eliminates operator adjustments for strip width changes. The sensor consists of two light source housings and two solar cell housings. 250 watt lamps are used as the light source and the number of lamps required is determined by the detector ...