Solar Energy Storage

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  • Hydrogen as Future Fuel for Gas Engines

    Hydrogen as Future Fuel for Gas Engines

    Gas engines are providing a wide range of fuel flexibility from burning natural gas and a variety of non- natural gaseous fuels from low British Thermal Unit (BTU) gases as well as gases containing a high hydrogen content. Hydrogen containing gases can be found as by-product f

  • Solar forecasting for solar cars

    Learn about how the Eclipse X solar car team uses solar forecasting in its race strategy! Solar forecasting for the Eclipse X Solar Car This week, we have a guest blog post from the Eclipse X solar ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Molecular Sieves

    Molecular Sieves

    Silcarbon molecular sieves are synthetically made zeolites with a defined pore structure. The molecular sieves have uniform pore diameters, which are in the scale of the pore diameters of molecules. These pore systems provide the molecular sieves with the possibility of separating bigger and smaller molecules. In addition, the molecular sieves are also used for the material change with the help ...

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