Solar Films

Articles & Whitepapers

  • UV-IR Power Meter

    UV-IR Power Meter

    XZBELEC Technology specialize in researching and designing optical instruments, including the IR power meter used to test the IR intensity and the UV power meter used to test the UV intensity, at the same time, these power meters can calculate the rejection rate. Especially apply in the test of automotive solar film, insulation film, insulation

  • Hanergy Solar UAV Project - Case Study

    Project Name: Hanergy Solar UAV ProjectLocation: BeijingComponent technology: Alta DevicesThe UAV adopts Alta Devices` world leading gallium arsenide thin-film solar technology. The highest ...


  • Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America - Case Study

    In January 2015, climbing Aconcagua,the highest peak in South America. Hanergy thin-film solar power products providedteam members with convenient power supply, and portable solar chargers has become necessary equipment for mountaineering ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Five Stage Auto Laminator

    Five Stage Auto Laminator

    SN(V)five stage solar laminator specially designed for thin film module:loading—pre-heating—laminating—warm keeping—unloading