Solar Films

Articles & Whitepapers

  • UV-IR Power Meter

    XZBELEC Technology specialize in researching and designing optical instruments, including the IR power meter used to test the IR intensity and the UV power meter used to test the UV intensity, at the same time, these power meters can calculate the rejection rate. Especially apply in the test of automotive solar film, insulation film, insulation

  • Solar Film Transmission Meter

    LS101 Solar Film Transmission MeterWindow Tint Transmission Meter For Glass Film With 365nm UV 950nm IR Rejection 550nm Visible Light Transmittance LS101 LS101 Solar Film Transmission Meter is ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solo APOLLO Solar Simulator

    Solo APOLLO Solar Simulator

    All-Real Solo APOLLO Solar Simulator System continues APOLLO’s outstanding optical design with Class AAA performance to provide a maximum of 370 x 470 mm class AAA irradiance except for using only single xenon lamp. For R&D/Lab requirements, we can also provide customization service, please contact us for further information. Moreover, All-Real Solo APOLLO solar simulator is able to ...