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  • Transparent Solar Panels: The Clear Way For The Future

    Transparent Solar Panels: The Clear Way For The Future

    When you think of solar panels, the instant image that comes to mind is the typical blue-black panel that covers many a rooftop. In fact, many find it strange, perhaps even paradoxical, that an object meant to harness energy from the bright sun, comes with such a dark contour. This is by design, as the nearly-opaque panels are able to trap the maximum amount of sunlight

  • UV-IR Power Meter

    UV-IR Power Meter

    XZBELEC Technology specialize in researching and designing optical instruments, including the IR power meter used to test the IR intensity and the UV power meter used to test the UV intensity, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Polycrystalline Silicon Cell

    Polycrystalline Silicon Cell

    54 pcs 156 x 156 mm polycrystalline silicon cell.  The CPM200P series modules consists of 54 pcs 156×156 mm polycrystalline silicon solar cells which are in high efficiency, individually characterized and electronically matched before interconnection. Laminated with high quality toughened glass, EVA  and TPT, the operating characteristics of solar cells can ...