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  • Universal Calorimeter

    Universal Calorimeter

    Universal calorimeter module for solar and heating systems. Graphic display for indication of flow and return temperature, heat quantity, output, flow rate and sensor faults (balance values are also stored in the case of a power failure). Suited for solar systems with propylene-glycol-mixtures of 0 ... 70 Vol %.

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  • Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2020 (GBF ASIA 2020)

    Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2020 (GBF ASIA 2020)

    With a market share of as high as 70%, China has firmly claimed center stage in worldwide power battery, storage battery and 3C battery industry. More domestic champions have developed the capacity to produce state-of-the-art high-end products, ready to compete with overseas top-notch players in the international arena.