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  • Economics of tiny thermal power plants

    Economics of tiny thermal power plants

    Thermal power plants is the main source of energy and electricity in India and almost all countries of the world. Most of the giant thermal power plants have capacity of 500MW to 1000 MW. Investment in such giant thermal power plants is Rs 100 million per MW including transmission lines and distribution lines. ( 60 rupees = 1 US$, MW=1000KW). So 1000MW thermal power plant costs Rs 100 million/MW ...


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  • Towers


    A Solar Tower power plant - sometimes referred to as a "Solar Chimney" or "Solar Updraft Tower" is a Solar Thermal Power Plant that combines the use of a solar air collector (canopy) and a central updraft tower. EnviroMission’s Solar Tower STP Intellectual Property was independently valued at AUD$60M in 2011 principally using the methodology of a relief-from-royalties approach that included ...