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With the 'BPI and Commercial' Combined Energy Audit Training, you get our Turn-Key training for BPI- Building Analyst along with the written and field exams included. PLUS, you get a full Level 1 Commercial Energy Audit Training and Certification Course included. You would choose this option for: 1) Getting your BPI Building Analyst Certification; 2) Doubling your potential market by adding commercial facilities to your energy audit training. 'Commercial' means strip malls, office buildings, retail centers, corner stores, warehouses, and commercial buildings of almost any size and shape. Don’t limit your training to just 1 aspect of energy use. Include commercial and double your market.


1) Get Trained

You get the full BPI Building Analyst Training Course. The course includes a hard copy of the Residential Energy Book. Additionally, it includes all the testing fees necessary for BPI written and field certification tests.


2) E-Learning

You get on-line learning. The best, quickest and most comprehensive way to learn today.


3) Get Certified

You get BPI Building Analyst Certification.

PLUS, you get the Industry’s only Commercial Level 1 Video Training Course.


4) You Get the Level 1 Commercial Energy Audit Training Course

Double your market by adding commercial to your skill set. Commercial includes strip malls, office buildings, retail centers, corner stores, warehouses, and commercial buildings of almost any size and shape.


5) You Get Online Video Training

Our online video training covers all the downloadable modules above and adds greater depth to the learning with instructor input and visual aids. It makes learning easy!


6) You Get Online Window Film Training

Get the inside scoop on window film (a.k.a. window tint). Does it really work? Is is really something you need to spend time dealing with? This is a straight-forward, honest, professional look at window film and the engineering behind it.

There are three main reasons people choose energy audit training courses for BPI Certification.

  1. They want to use BPI Certification to inspect existing homes.
  2. They want to do retrofit work (remodel existing homes). A number of the BPI certified energy auditors are contractors with a focus on retrofit work.
  3. They want to qualify for State or local incentive programs. The BPI organization has spent a lot of time lobbying for acceptance by government programs and drafting legislation to have their standards used as a basis for home energy auditing verification.

Training for the BPI certification has 3 parts.

First, there is the learning part.

This can be done in a classroom or through online training. We chose online training because it has a tremendous advantage over classroom training. It delivers better test results and it results in better long-term comprehension. In other words, during a typical “classroom” training, you will get a ton of information dumped on you in a very short period of time.

The result is a lot of that information is lost. You may remember enough to get through the test, but long term memory in such classroom sessions is difficult.

Online learning is key. It allows you to review the materials. It allows you to take your time to get the information down where you really know it. If you wake up the next day and can’t remember whether it was 30 or 50 pascals for the blower door testing, you simply rewind the online learning and review. This process makes learning easy, fast and permanent.

This course provides all the training necessary to become certified as BPI Building Analyst Professional.

The Home Energy Audit Training course for BPI Certification package includes:

  • Access to the exclusive Online BPI e-Learning Training Course. 24-hours of e-Learning Modules with a video instructor
  • 90-min Energy Audit Training & Field Exam Prep DVD
  • 1-day of Onsite Hands-On Field Training
  • The Residential Energy textbook by Krigger and Dorsi – mailed to you so you have a hard-copy for learning and taking notes.
  • Course Study Guides that help you prepare for and study better.
  • Practice Exam Questions to make the exam easier.
  • The BPI Building Analyst Written Exam
  • The BPI Building Analyst Practical Field Exam

Second, there is the written examination part.

You must sit for a written exam (computer based) in the presence of a BPI certified proctor. When you take your training with us, you will have access to the 9 different training locations across the United States to take your written exam.
so you can ask your proctor questions and get last minute advice before starting your test.

Third, is the Field Exam.

To get BPI certification, you are required to take and pass a live field exam. The Field Exam included with this package provides you with a full day training and overview using the actual blower doors, combustion analyzers and other tools that you will use in the exam. (You do not need tools to take the field exam, all tools will be provided for you).

The field exam is a 2 hour exam, with a BPI Proctor monitoring you and grading your performance. You will perform an actual audit, focusing the majority of your time on combustion analysis and combustion zone depressurization testing and CO testing using the tools provided for the exam. (You will need your own tools for doing your own audits, and we sell those as well. Click here to visit our tools page. If you want to purchase your tools and bring them to the field exam, you can do that and the instructors will help you get familiar with your new tools).

When you take your training with us, you will have access to our 9 separate training locations across the United States to take your Field Exam.

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