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Since its inception, IT Power has been involved in providing training for professionals involved in the deployment and development of renewable energy resources, policies and technologies.

IT Power has successfully executed training courses in many parts of the world, and is able to provide training on all renewable energy technologies. Courses can be offered at any level and past training activities range from technology or market briefings for senior staff in industry, government or NGOs to training technicians in the field.

IT Power has organised various workshops, seminars and conferences, and is regularly invited to give presentations at such events. IT Power also has close links with a number of universities. IT Power's staff hold guest lectures and supervise placement students on a regular basis.

IT Power has also developed teaching and training materials for students at various levels, ranging from secondary to postgraduate education, and covering theoretical as well as practical aspects of renewable energy technologies.

IT Power recently completed a comprehensive training programme on energy efficiency and renewable energy for UNIDO. The course will be both internet based and will be provided through regional universities in Africa. IT Power has also worked with the African Development Bank to provide training on renewable energy and its role in development. Training material was prepared and training workshops were organised for Bank staff in English and French.

IT Power provides in-depth training on the Clean Development Mechanism and has been involved and managed a number of capacity building projects. Training has been provided in China, India and Cameroon.

IT Power managed a project on the training of installers for biomass, ground-source heat pump (GSHP) and solar water heating (SWH) systems - EARTH (Extend Accredited Renewables Training for Heating).

IT Power also completed two projects to train photovoltaic (PV) and solar water heating installers in the UK, using existing national training frameworks and co-operating with European training initiatives. The work included course development, training teachers, technical assistance to a number of colleges across the UK, and the development of an accreditation framework.

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